TAO Technical Director visits Ottawa

November 6, 2010

This past weekend, November 6th and 7th, Johnson’s Taekwon Do hosted a 8-hour technical seminar taught by Mr. Mike Morningstar. The seminar on November 6th began with an intense warm-up followed by fundamental exercises, kicking drills, patterns, 3-step sparring and finally self-defense. Saturday was for yellow-stripe and above and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The seminar was well attended with over 30 students.  Sunday, November 7th was exclusively black-belt training which included a warm-up and critical breakdown of both red belt and black belt patterns.

Special thanks to those who attended.  Mr. Denis Alvey from Chon-Ji Martial Arts in Hamilton and to Mr. Morningstar and his students who came from Oakville to attend. We look forward to the next opportunity to have Mr. Morningstar share with us his extensive knowledge of Taekwon Do.

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