TAO Honduras dedication and perseverance

Another Sunday full of much learning, discipline, courage, dedication and perseverance.

We love to live these moments where every Sunday that we see each other is a great joy for everyone, we can talk, improve each movement and posture, get rid of any doubts and concerns, only then can we continue to advance and improve.

Today was a very special day because apart from training we were able to celebrate with a small snack to all our children, celebrating Children’s Day always counting on the unconditional support of all the parents, we had a great time and most importantly that they had fun eating, even us adults, that’s the beauty of Taekwon-Do, the unity, affection and respect that we all learn to have with each other.

Thank you, Familia América, because none of this was possible without the help of God, your commitment and support for your children and us as a school.

God bless you and multiply
Sabum Raúl Álvarez

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