Taekwon-Do in Pakistan

March 15, 2013

When Mr. Rana Sadaqat Ali started his Martial Art training in 1987, he started with Shotokan Karate, Kung fu, WTF Taekowndo. In 1992 he found the ITF and Chang-Hun Taekwon-Do. The prevalence at that time was only to learn how to fight or combat. But he soon realised that Taekwon-Do is an educational art for imparting self-discipline, moral culture and mental discipline besides the physical ability and confidence to face important and crucial situations in life. The Taekwon-Do of Gen. Choi Hong Hi the beloved Founder of Taekwon-Do teaches us the importance of self-discipline and moral etiquette and that it is more important to be a good human being than a good fighter for the benefit of self as well as for the society as a whole.

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