Promotion Committee Appointed

October 21, 2010

The TAO Promotion Committee has been recently selected and is comprised of six individuals (as specified in the TAO By-Laws) ranking 5th Dan and above with official qualifications as Instructors, Examiners and Judges.  

They are as follows:

Master Vincent Affatigato (Chairman), 7th Dan, Mr. Charles McGinnis, 6th Dan, Mr. Lee Benson, 6th Dan, Mr. Rudy Johnson, 5th Dan, Mr. Mike Morningstar, 5th Dan & Mr. Craig Myers, 5th Dan.

The purpose of the TAO Promotion Committee is to follow General Choi Hong Hi’s principles in keeping Technical perfection at the forefront of all TAO developments.  They are responsible for all technical matters with regards to Gup and Dan exam standardization, and to ensure that the teachings of the Founder are kept Traditional, Authentic and Original for future generations. 

This group of individuals is as diverse as TAO and is comprised of members from the USA and Canada.  They represent all of the members of the TAO and strive to maintain the integrity and tradition of Chang Hun Taekwon-Do while at the same time assuring that TAO continually grows and moves forward into the mainstream.

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