Ontario shows well at “Battle for the Bell”

October 20, 2009

Students from Trigger’s Taekwon-Do, Freedom Taekwon-Do, Blackburn Taekwon-Do, Johnson’s Taekwon-Do and Morningstar attended the 2009 Battle for the Bell Tournament this past weekend in Philadelphia.  This competition was hosted by Mr. Fran Ott and Mr. Sean Sutton and brought compettitors from accross the USA and Canada.  Congatulations to those who participated….and this year they even played the Canadian National Anthem!!!!!

Johnson’s TKD

Mitri Hanna – Bronze (Patterns); Bronze(Sparring)
Nadine Hanna – Silver (Patterns); Gold (Sparring)
Sheldon McNaught – Gold (Patterns); Silver (Sparring)

Morningstar TKD

Louie Mendez – Bronze (Patterns); Gold (Sparring)
Alex Llabres  – Bronze (Patterns); Bronze (Sparring)
Scott Seguin – Bronze (Patterns); Silver (Sparring)
Thao-Nguyen Nguyen – Silver (Patterns); Gold (Sparring)

Blackburn TKD

Clement Goh – Bronze (Sparring)
Brigitte Jobin – Bronze (Patterns)
Angie Routier – Bronze (Patterns)
Jesse Boudreau – Gold (Patterns); Silver (Sparring)

Trigger’s TKD

Chris Arranz – Bronze (Sparring); Bronze (Patterns)

Freedom TKD

Kevin Larkin – Bronze (Sparring) Silver (Patterns)
Laine Karkin – Bronze (Sparring) Silver (Patterns)
Suzanne Baker – Silver (Sparring) Silver (Patterns)
Betty Ann Villeneuve – Gold (Sparring) Bronze (Pattern)

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