New Black Belts in Philadelphia

November 20, 2012

On Saturday November 17, 2012  Ott’s TaeKwon-Do and the Hwa-Rang Warriors School conducted a Black Belt grading for three students. The grading was Conducted by Mr. Francis Ott and Mr. Sean H. Sutton who are both V Dan ITF-TAO. The Test was a tough four and half hours which included, a physical test, demonstration of all Gup and Dan patterns plus explanation of each technique. Each candidate also demonstrated step- sparring, self – defense, one on one sparring , two on one sparring and the correct way to takedown and face a multitude of attackers. The test was finally finished when the candidates performed all there breaks, which was a combined 55 pieces of wood.  Over fifty parents and fellow students attended a banquet in their honor.  They also received their new Black Belts, Do-Bok’s and a Tanto Sword.  The sword is symbol of their courage, leadership, sharpness, and strength.  We would like to congratulate Mr. Jerry Inga on receiving his 2nd Dan. Congratulations also to Mr. Sig Mandell-Zayon and Mr. Joshua Infante on receiving their 1st Dan Black Belt.  We hope that they will keep training and keep their passion for TaeKwon-Do alive.

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