ITF-TAO Fairs Well at Pro Martial Arts Tournament

January 9, 2013

Over 20 competitors from Morningstar TKD and Oakridge TKD recently attended the Pro Martial Arts Friendship tournament hosted by Mr. Sal Dacosta.  Competitors from accross Ontario from ITF-TAO, ITFNK, ITF Canada and ICTF competed in patterns and sparring.  After the dust settled ITF-TAO members came away with a good number of trophies in all divisions.  A special congratulations to 2nd Dan Rajinder Singh of Morningstar Taekwon-Do and 1st Dan Emily Hadubiak of Oakridge Taekwon-Do who came away with gold in both the patterns and sparring, adult male and Jr. female division as well as the sparring Grand Championship and 2nd Dan Jackson Richardson from Morningstar Taekwon-Do who took gold in the Jr. boys middle weight sparring division.  Congratulations to everyone for representing ITF-TAO extremely well!

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