ITF-TAO Chile Tournament Results

December 1, 2014

ITF-TAO Chile recently participated in the recent ITF Taekwon-Do Fetachi Tournament. Congratulations to all those who won.

  • Michael Gonzalez: 1st and 2nd fighting in Tul
  • Jason Gonzalez: 1st and 3rd fighting in Tul
  • Kaike Garrido: fighting 3rd and 2nd in Tul
  • Sergio Nicola: 3rd in struggle
  • Manuel Palma: 2nd struggle and 2nd in Tul
  • Matias Pedreros: 1st and 1st struggling in Tul
  • Dennis Ulloa: 2nd struggle and 2nd in Tul
  • BuSabonin Alejandro Salinas: 1st and 2nd Tulle fighting.

2014-12-01 - ITF-TAO Tournament in Chile

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