ITF-TAO Argentina Technical Seminar

March 23, 2014

Today we made ​​a day of Equalization Technique. The first, and we have agreed that we have an excellent group of high level and with a promising future. I want to formally thank each of the students, that despite the date, time and distance, were present, and worked for 3 hours with great dedication. Furthermore, and in particular, to thank the union for providing us aysa facilities, Professor and Coach Carlos Ruben Gomez tulle, colleagues Ruben Mauricio Gomez, Matias Nahuel Gomez. And the senior instructors Chaviel David Alejandro, Juan Ibarra, Javier Ledesma Tkd Gago and Taekwon Do. Thank you very much to all!

2014-03-23 - ITF-TAO - Argentina Technical Seminar



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