ITF International Instructors Course

June 6-8, 2008

The ITF Technical Committee, headed by Master Hector Marano, Master Paoblo Trajtenberg and Master Willem Bos, visited Oakville to conduct the 36th ITF International Instructors Course. Participants from across Canada, USA and even 3 participants from Nepal were put to the test as the Technical Committee covered all 24 patterns, self-defence, free sparring tactics as well as various other aspects of Taekwon-Do. ITF President Master Tran Trieu Quan also did a presentation on the “Do�.

Among the 114 participants, 60 were 4th Dan and up with an astounding 10 Masters in attendence. On the Saturday evening everyone gathered at the Hotel for a formal dinner banquet in honor of the Technical Committee. In his closing remarks, event host Mike Morningstar thanked everyone for their support as well as the Masters for their efforts around the world to keep the true teaching of General Choi Hong Hi alive in its true form.

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