FGMR Visits Taekwon-Do Maximus in Hamilton

April 29, 2015

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha dropped in on Master Kenneth Hance and the students of Taekwon-Do Maximus on the Monday evening after the Oakville seminar. First Grand Master shocked Master Hance he said he would like to visit his Dojang.

I was totally caught off guard when First Grand Master said he would visit us. What an honour to have one of the original pioneers of Taekwon-Do in our presence.”

FGMR presented Master Hance with an autographed photo of his famed two direction kick. This day will be forever remembered by Master Hance and the students of Taekwon-Do Maximus.

2015-04-20 - FGMR visits Taekwon-Do Maximus

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