Congratulations Team Canada!

ITF Ontario would also like to extend a congratulations to all the Canadian Athletes that competed in Argentina.

Below are the medal results for Canada.

Sean O’Neil – GOLD – Jr Boys 2nd Dan Patterns
Phillipe Boyd – SILVER – Jr. Boys 1st Dan Patterns
Anne-Sophie Desautels – SILVER – Jr. Girls 1st Dan Patterns
Isabelle Bond – SILVER – Women’s 4th Dan Patterns
Brandi Merritt – SILVER – Women’s Special Technique Breaking
Team Canada (Women) – SILVER – Woman’s Team Patterns
Isabelle Bond, Myriam Desmarquis, Genevieve Desmarquis, Marie-Chrystine Blouin, Audrey De Ladurantane
Steven LeGrow – BRONZE – Men’s 4th Dan Patterns
Joana Reibeiro – BRONZE – Women’s 3rd Dan Patterns
Carol-Ann Blouin – BRONZE – Jr Girls Heavy Weight Sparring
Chelsea Stone – BRONZE – Women’s Light Weight Sparring
Miranda Seifert – BRONZE – Jr Girls Hyper Weight Sparring
Steven LeGrow – BRONZE – Men’s Hyper Weight Sparring

You can see videos and photos from the event at the CTFI Facebook group fro the World Championships here:

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