Chon-Ji Martial Arts testing and food drive

February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011, Chon ji Martial Arts Academy held a food drive for the local community food bank. The food drive was in conjunction with a colour belt and black belt grading. Traditionally Chon ji students only break plastic re-breakable boards, but for this exciting event, students were exposed to breaking wooden boards for the first time. For every wooden board they broke, students donated $5.00 worth of non-perishable food items to help local families in need. The local newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator was on hand to cover the story. A slide show of the black belt grading can be seen on the Hamilton Spectator website at;–black-belt-test

30 students were promoted to various colour belt levels and following the colour belt test, black belt candidates endured another 2 hours of theory, sparring, self-defense, grappling and board breaking. Bram Alvey was promoted to 2nd Dan, Harry Liang 2nd Dan, and Nick Sterling to 2nd Dan. Also, Gabe Hodges & Spencer Kelch were promoted to 1st Dan.

Last month Chon ji held another food drive by offering a free month of classes in exchange for a non-perishable food donation. This event was also covered by the local media. The event was a great success! Chon ji takes great pride in our community involvement and in being a positive force of social awareness and change.

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