Annual Technical Seminar in Philadelphia

December 4, 2011

For the 6th year in a row, Hwa-Rang Warriors and Ott’s Taekwon-Do hosted a seminar conducted by TAO Technical Director, Mr. Mike Morningstar.  The seminar was attended by 99 students and instructors from all over the area.  Members of  ITF-TAO,  USA-ITF and the A.T.F.I  filled the John M. Perzel Center in Philadelphia.  The seminar started with an extensive warm-up followed by and explanation of proper kicking, patterns, 3 and 1 step sparring and self-defence.  Mr. Sutton spent the morning Sunday showing Mr. Morningstar and a few of his students some historical sights in Philadelphia.  It was a great day for all that attended and inspired everyone to get back in the Do-Jang as soon as possible.

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