Annual Technical Seminar in Oakville

November 16, 2013

On Saturday November 16th, 120 students of all ages and belt levels gathered in Oakville for the Annual ITF-TAO Technical Seminar.  Instructors and students from Morningstar TKD, Johnson's TKD, Oakridge TKD, Smith TKD and Chon-Ji Martial Arts participated in the 4-hour long training session that cover patterns, 3-step, 2-step and 1-step sparring as well as self-defence.  An extra hour at the end was devoted to black belt patterns from Kwang-Gae to Tong-Il.  The seminar was conducted by ITF-TAO Technical Director Mike Morningstar and assisted by 6th Dan Mr. Denis Alvey of Chon-Ji TKD.

Annual Technical Seminar

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