Annual Technical Seminar at Oakridge TKD

April 27, 2013

On Saturday April 27, ITF-TAO Technical Director Mr. Mike Morningstar conducted a 5 hour technical seminar in London, Ontario. The event was hosted by Mrs. Cathy Hadubiak, head instructor of Oakridge Taekwon-Do, and was attended by students from Cabot TKD, Chon-ji Martial Arts, Morningstar TKD and Oakridge TKD. Twenty-nine participants from blue belt to 3rd degree black belt were put to the test with a very challenging warm up.

Mr. Morningstar covered fundamental movements,  kicking drills, patterns, step sparring and self-defense. The last hour of the day was devoted to black belt patterns. This was the 6th annual training workshop hosted in London.

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