Cabot TKD does their part for Japan

April 28, 2011,

In celebration their 10th year as a school Cabot Taekwon-Do held its first school tournament on April 9th, 2011.  This all day event was attended by many Cabot TKD students and was a very exciting experience for everyone. Students competed in pattern and sparring competition.  The pattern consisted of each individual completing a pattern of their choice followed by a pattern chosen by the center judge.  The sparring competition which partnered participants according to weight divisions had one 2 min round and each final was two 2 min. rounds.

During the lunch break the Black Belts presented a demonstration which included a team pattern, board breaking and model sparring.  This was also an opportunity for Cabot TKD to raise funds for the relief efforts in Japan.   Cabot Taekwon-Do would like to thank everyone who donated, it is acts like this that really show others that we are doing our part for those in need.  That is what Martial Arts are all about.  A special thank you to all those involved in helping make this a very successful and rewarding event.


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