Annual Seminar in Philadelphia

December 9, 2010

On December 4, 2010, Hwa-Rang Warriors and Ott’s Taekwon-Do hosted their annual seminar conducted by their instructor Sabum Nim Morningstar. Mr. Morningstar was accompanied by 4th Dan and TAO Vice-President Mr. Rick Winsor from St. John’s, Newfoundland.  The seminar was attended by 90 students and instructors from all over the area.  Members of  TAO,  US-ITF and the A.T.F.I travelled over an hour and a half to train together under one roof.

The seminar started with an extensive warm-up followed by an hour long focus on proper kicking drills. Sabum Nim Morningstar as always introduced a new way to keep training fresh.  One drill in particular followed the Chon-Ji diagram with kicks in place of hand techniques.  This spin gave an entire new perspective on how to combine kicking drills while still practicing the tuls diagram.  After a short break Sabum Nim  led the group in all the patterns from Chon-Ji to Moon Moo.  This was a great time for Mr. Rick Windsor, Mr. Sean Sutton, Mr. Fran Ott and many other students as it is the last time they will be able to have their patterns critiqued by their instructor before promotions in Oakville, Ontario at the Techinal Seminar in January. 

Bringing the event to a close was a demonstration by Sabum Nim. He demonstrated Moon-Moo followed by a barrage of hand a foot breaks including a blindfolded 180* Jumping Back Kick and a 5 board knifehand strike. It was a great day for all that attended and inspired everyone to get back in the Do-Jang as soon as possible. 

Submitted by Mr. Fran Ott 4th Dan

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