6th Umpire Course Hosted in Canada

March 24, 2019,

On Saturday, March 24th Cabot Taekwon-Do in Goulds, Newfoundland hosted the 6th ITF-TAO “A” and “B” Umpire Course conducted by Mr Rick Winsor, Umpire Director.  This was a 7 hour course which covered the many aspects of judging for sparring and patterns as well as the related regulations for tournaments. Students took part in exercises requiring the use of the signals to indicate warnings and fouls and practiced the procedure to follow during matches. Through practical interaction students were engaged and active throughout the course.  At the end of the day a test was written to help students identify areas they needed to become more familiar with.  According to feedback following the course, students felt it was an integral part of their training and they were pleased with the level of ability they gained from taking part.

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