Technical Seminar in Argentina

May 18-19, 2024

On the weekend of May 18th and 19th, Technical Director Mr. Mike Morningstar visited San Miguel, Argentina on invitation of ITF-TAO Argentina and Mr. Alejandro David Chaviel to conduct a Technical Seminar and Dan testing. Mr. Morningstar was accompanied by Mr. Jaskaran Tagger and Mr. Mitri Hanna Over 200 participates from yellow belt to 9th Dan Black Belt attended.  The 6 hour seminar began with an intensive warm-up and moved right into basic movements, patterns and kicking drills. Black belts stayed behind for the last 3 hours and Kwang-Gae to Ul-Ji.  A upper-Dan promotion test was also held on the Sunday morning. We look forward to 2026 when the ITF-TAO Annual Technical Conference will be held in San Miguel.

15th Anniversary Technical Seminar London

April 6, 2024

On Saturday April 6th, 60 plus students from yellow belt to 6th degree black belt gathered Fanshawe College in London, Ontario for the 15th Annual Technical Seminar conducted by TAO Technical Director Mr. Mike Morningstar.  Keeping true to the teachings of the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, the students and instructors were drilled on correct sine wave and the proper application of techniques.  By the end of the 5 hour training everyone was exhausted but motivated in their efforts to keep Chang Hun Taekwon-Do alive in its purist form. Thank you to Oakridge Taekwon-Do and Sabum-Nim Cath Hadubiak for organising a fantastic event.

Annual Technical Conference-Japan

March 10, 2024

ITF-TAO Japan was the host country for our Annual Technical Conference on March 9-10. As uusal Master Tsuchida and his organising committee did a fantastic job hosting. A promotion test was also held after Saturdays training and was presided over by Master Yanagi and Master Johnson. Keeping true to the teachings of the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, the students and instructors were drilled on correct sine wave and the proper application of techniques. By the end of the 9 hour training everyone was exhausted but motivated in their efforts to keep Chang Hun Taekwon-Do alive in its purist form. Thank you to ITF-TAO Japan for hosting this year. We all look forward to the 2025 Technical Conference and AGM in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

ITF-TAO South America

November 6, 2023

A new Taekwon-Do event was held at the CASm HQ in which ITF TAO Argentina, together with the MoDoKwan Federation, invited almost 200 competitors from different schools in Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and the neighboring country of Uruguay. . We thank the institution for once again allowing us to use the club’s facilities for this type of event. We thank each person who contributed so that the Tournament started and ended at the agreed time. Than you also to the judges and referees for the great work in each area. To the friendly schools that demonstrated a good technical level, and above all a great atmosphere of camaraderie. Congratulations and thank you!

ITF-TAO Argentina

October 31, 2023

ITF-TAO Argentina participated in the Kumgang Group Internal Taekwon-Do Tournament, organized by M. Cejas Luis. Congratulations to our members who faired well with an abundance of medals. The invitation was appreciated and we congratulate you on the professional event. Congratulations

ITF-TAO Canada

October 21, 2023

On Saturday October 21st Morningstar Taekwon-Do hosted their Annual Technical Seminar. The event was attended by 130 students from five Dojangs in Southern Ontario. The first 3 hours was for everyone yellow belt and above and the last 2 hours was for Black Belts only. Various aspect of traditional TKD were covered including kicking drills, fundamental movements, patterns and self defence.


ITF Japan recently held a special training and competition session. Please see the following photos highlighting the event.

ITF-TAO Newest Masters

June 2023

ITF-TAO is proud to announce the addition of two new Masters. On the Sunday morning after the FGMR seminar and banquet, FGMR promoted Master Charles McGinnis 7th Dan, Master Chris Howes 7th Dan and Mrs. Sonya Howes 6th Dan. Congratulations to those who promoted under the watchful eye of FGMR. Those not successful, better luck next time.


June 2023

ITF-TAO hosted an 85th Birthday Celebration Banquet for FGM Rhee Ki Ha on the evening of the Technical seminar. 100+ people were in attendance to celebrate this special day with this very special guest. FGMR was presented with many gifts as well as very heartfelt speeches from Canadian instructors.

ITF-TAO Canada

June 2023

Morningstar Taekwon-Do played host to the most senior TKD Grand Master in the world, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. Those who attended were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and spend time with a living legend! As our patron Grand Master, FGMR reiterated that the future of the Traditional, Authentic and Original Taekwon-Do of the Founder is in our hands and our responsibility is to make sure General Choi’s Taekwon-Do lives on, unchanged and pure. This is the responsibility of all TAO members.